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The Power of a Smile

Everyone knows that one of the key indicators that a person is happy, is that they smile.  But the following speech by Ron Gutman shows just how important smiling is, both to ourselves and those we share the smile with.  It is a very entertaining presentation, covering a raft of research on the power of a smile.

Something For You To Try

So here is the challenge to you.  Let’s test the research and check just how contagious a smile is.  Today as you are walking down the hall, or sitting in the lunch room, share a smile with a person you don’t know so well.  Then look closely…..did they mimic yours and return a smile to you?  What a great experiment, and a wonderful way to bring a little happiness to your workplace.

“If someone is too tired to give you a smile, leave one of your own, because no one needs a smile as much as those who have none to give.” Proverb



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