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What About My Weaknesses?

In a previous post (Strengths – the key to happiness)   I discussed the importance of identifying and utilising your strengths, as the key to happiness.  But the inevitable question then comes – “what about my weaknesses?” To answer this question I would like to share a truly meaningful analogy provided by Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener in a recent … Continue reading

Stimulate the Senses – Taste

“Nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul.” Oscar Wilde The one thing I notice about many work places is just how bland they are.  The work environment seems to be devoid of any of the things that make us human, and which can inspire … Continue reading

The Most Powerful Tool – Human Connection

While aligning jobs to your strengths is pivotal, Dr. Hallowell believes that human connection is the most powerful tool to create positive and happy workplaces.  Creating authentic and supportive bonds between workmates helps people feel excited, inspired, comfortable and confident all of which contribute to feelings of well-being, as well as actual productivity.  Many other … Continue reading

Strengths – The Key to Happiness

“I get up every morning, and I look forward to helping people get into the right frame of mind so they can shine, no matter where they go or what they do.  When I do that, I’m happy.” (Dr. Shine, from the book Shine by Dr. Edward M. Hallowell). Wow, wouldn’t it be great to … Continue reading

The Power of Gratitude

In the last post (www.howtobehappyatwork.wordpress.com/2011/06/22/a-matter-of-perspective) I discussed the impact that our perspectives have on our happiness at work.  Now I would like to introduce you to a new movement sweeping the world, which is helping people change their perspectives, be more positive, productive and happier in all aspects of their lives, including at work.  It … Continue reading

A Matter Of Perspective?

Amy Wrzesniewski is a researcher who was curious about what the difference was between unhappy and happy workers. So she interviewed all the staff at a single hospital, everyone from cleaners, technicians, nurses, administrators, doctors and surgeons, and found that it was a matter of perspective*. Across the board, people had one of three work … Continue reading

A Best Friend

In preparing the previous post  The Foundations of Happiness I could not happen to find the tenth determinant of engagement – I have a best friend at work – a little curious. I certainly understand the need to have supportive relationships in the workplace, but I thought stipulating having a “best” friend at work was going … Continue reading

The Foundations of Happiness

So, you have reviewed all of those things that can cause unhappiness (what-causes-unhappiness) and there are no gaps. So, in theory you should be happy at work.  But something is not right.  You might feel content, but you just don’t feel any emotional connection to your job, and don’t feel inspired, stimulated and supported. Well, that … Continue reading

What Causes Unhappiness?

The research and writings of Fredrick Herzberg have become timeless for the insight they provide about what motivates people at work.  One of the most important of his theories is called the “Two Factor Theory”, and suggests that the things that cause you to be unhappy at work are different from those things that satisfy … Continue reading

Unhappiness Is Hazardous To Your Health

In an earlier post I talked about what it feels like to be happy at work. But what does it feel like to be unhappy? While each person will experience it differently, research conducted by Gallup suggests there are two main states being: Disengaged: this is rated as a mild form of unhappiness at work. … Continue reading

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